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If America’s churchless were to form a nation, it would be the 8th most populous country in the world. The most current research suggests that 75-80% of Americans do not have a church home.  The fastest growing sub-group within this demographic is what some sociologists are calling the “de-churched.” This group represents approximately one-third of the U. S. population, and continues to grow

This populous is defined as those who have made explicit and intentional decisions to leave the church and organized religion.  Besides being named the dechurched, they are also taking on the name: The Dones - They’re done with church. They’re tired, fed up, hurt, or angry with church and believe they are better off without it.  

We believe we have been called and equipped to begin a new ministry specifically reaching out and reintroducing these people to Jesus; to change The Dones into The Undones. 


"There are people out there who have just fallen through the cracks. They aren't lost causes, they're just lost."

Carrie Bolin  |  Formerly dechurched

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Through training, research, and experience, we will prayerfully launch a local church in Little Rock, Arkansas. Founded on five tenants inspired by the book, Church Refugees (Packard, Hope)this church plant will endeavor to reverse the trend and reengage The Dones with Jesus and His bride, the church.

These tenants are:

01.Universal Participation

We will identify key ways people can meaningfully participate with no barriers to entry. We will give them some control over organizational resources, such as staff time and money, with little or no oversight.  We will trust our community.

02.Limited Bureaucracy

We will strive to keep the bureaucracy of church organization to a minimum by placing timelines on some positions and committees, no matter how well or poorly things are going. Bureaucracy leads to unhealthy concentrations of power; this strategy helps to prevent that from happening.

03.Relational Community

We will mainly devote staff time and resources to knowing and supporting people rather than creating and maintaining programs. We will model the necessity for intentional relationships in every aspect of life.  Being in relationship with people means supporting their work and doing things with them as partners.  It means working on other people’s ideas as if they were your own. This tenant is based on the idea that the power of relationship is even greater than the power of service.

04.Neighborhood Engagement

We will be involved locally at the grassroots level.  We believe there is injustice and unfairness everywhere, and we will work to be a change agent in our very own neighborhoods.  We will join in the celebrations and struggles of our local community so that we can impact our community, and so that the community can impact us.  From the beginning of our existence we will dedicate 50% of our budget to this tenant.

05.Bible Relevance

We believe that this generation is seeking a deeper understanding of the Bible. This seeking is not theologally-driven but practically-driven.  We believe the Bible was not meant to be a resource for head knowledge but a resource for life-changing practices.  We will commit to consistently engaging scripture as we seek answers to questions that people presently face on a daily basis.




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