Arkansas Church Planting Network


Arkansas Church Planting Network (ACPN) is taking the lead in helping us get started as church planters. Seeking to build a network of Independent Christian Churches, Churches of Christ and others born out of the Restoration Movement, ACPN endeavors to plant new churches around the state of Arkansas that will help continue the legacy for generations to come. Since 2010, they have planted 7 churches in Arkansas and will launch two more in 2018.


Mission Alive


Mission Alive is the second organization that will be preparing us for church planting.  Based in Dallas, Texas, Mission Alive has three major tasks:

1) Recruit and equip church planters,

2) Provide church planter support, and

3) Partner with churches to plant churches. 

Mission Alive is in partnership with churches and church planting all across North America.



Sending Church

We are looking for a church or a group of churches who are willing to partner with us in this adventure.  Becoming our sending church does not mean that you must invest a large amount of money into this project, it means that you are willing to commit to supporting the project in some way, be it mentoring, praying, providing resources, or partnerships in service. We would love the opportunity to sit down and talk about how we can become partners with your church to work together in giving and receiving for the glory of God’s Kingdom.